We take the worry out of owning a vacation home!  Our parent company has been serving the technology needs of business for over 25 years.  Now we are using that experience to help you take care of your home from afar.


Cabin Technologies had a very simple start.  A friend’s vacation home burned completely in January 2014.  The fire was caused by a gas heater used to keep pipes from freezing.  As the house was being rebuilt we suggested ways that they could monitor temperatures inside and outside their home and remotely turn off the water main – while sitting in a “coffee shop” hundreds of miles away!  Never again would they have to worry about flooding (or having the house burn) just because they were trying to keep the pipes warm.



We pick the right technology for each installation that will allow you to monitor and control many things in and around the house.  And if you’re renting a vacation home, we are developing a group of services that can take the work out of preparing the home for rental use and the effort out of helping your guests have a fabulous time during their stay.